AC Milan is in hot form. This morning, in the third round of Serie A, the newly promoted Maspezia was 3-0. The start of the three-game winning streak (2-0 Bologna and 2-0 Crotone), counted as the 19 official Europa League qualifiers. defeat.


The last time Serie A started with 3 consecutive victories without losing a goal, when Rocco coached in the 1971/72 season, 49 years ago. The last time the first 3 rounds of Serie A had zero opponents, Capello coached in the 1993/94 season, 1-0 Lecce (Boban scored), 1-0 Genoa (Mazaro), 0-0 Piacenza, 2 Win 1 draw. The last time Serie A was unbeaten for 15 consecutive rounds, ending in March 2007, when Ancelotti led the Champions League. In the next round of the Milan derby, at midnight on the 18th, Beijing time, Milan overlooked Inter Milan (7 points) in a higher ranking. The red and black soldiers have more morale, but the derby has never been related to the ranking.


Milan and Atlanta are the only two teams with a three-game winning streak in Serie A this season, tied for first place, with a true blue-black goal difference. The last time Milan ranked first in Serie A (calculated only from the third round, excluding the first two consecutive victories) was 8 and a half years ago, after the 30th round of the 2011/12 season, specifically on March 31, 2012. Later, in the 31st round, Viola was overtaken by Conte Juventus by a 1-2 loss to Viola. Milan lost the title and failed to defend. In the 25th round, the ghost header that directly confronted Montari left infinite controversy and Milan won. At that time Ibrahimovic was also in the line, when the season's Serie A Golden Boot 28 goals.


Due to the absence of Ibrahimovic and Rebic this round, Milan has a super young starting lineup. With an average age of 22 years and 287 days, "Gazzetta dello Sport" said: "This is at least the youngest main team in Serie A in the past 15 years, and Milan is the youngest 11 in this century. The first 7 players were born after January 1, 1999, that is less than 21 Years old, Milan is the first to do this in the five major leagues this season. After the end of the winter window market on February 1 this year, the average age of the Milan team is 26 years and 16 days; and now, after the arrival of Dalot, it has dropped to 24 years, 7 months, 26 days."

由于伊布拉希莫维奇和里比奇缺席本轮比赛,米兰拥有一个超级年轻的首发阵容。 《米兰体育报》平均年龄为22岁零287天,他说:“这至少是过去15年来意甲最年轻的主力球队,米兰是本世纪最年轻的11支球队。前7名球员米兰出生于1999年1九游会平台月1日(不到21岁),是本赛季五个大联盟中第一个这样做的人。今年2月1日,冬季车窗市场结束后,米兰的平均年龄米兰队只有26年16天;而现在,达洛特(Dalot)到达后,已经减少到24年7个月26天。”

It was reported in the last issue that all six newcomers in Milan this summer are under 21 years old, and the youngest is 17 years old. The team's age is one and a half years younger than half a year ago, and a group of youthful faces circled the 39-year-old Ibrahimovic. Milan players joked on Ibrahimovic’s 3rd birthday; “We don’t even say how old you are this year.” Among the five substitute players in this field, there are 18-year-old Daniel Mardini and 20-year-old Norwegian new aid Haug.

据最新一期报道,今年夏天米兰的所有六个新移民都不到21岁,而最小的是17岁。球队的年龄比一年前小了一个半岁,一群年轻的面孔围着39岁的易卜拉欣莫维奇。米兰球员在伊布(Ibrahimovic)3岁生日时开玩笑; “我们什至不说你今年几岁。”在该领域的五名替补球员中,有18岁的Daniel Mardini和20岁的挪威新援豪格。

Milan's 7 U21 starters in this field


Donaluma, 25 February 1999


Salemax June 27, 1999

Salemax 1999年6月27日

Dias August 3, 1999


Gabia October 21, 1999

Gabia 1999年10月21日

Tonally May 8, 2000


Colombo, 8 March 2002


4 players over 21:


Special Olympics October 6, 1997


Calabria December 6, 1996

Calabria 1996年12月6日

Kronic, October 7, 1993


Kayal, March 26, 1989


The lack of a central defender has not yet been settled. Talking to Schalke about the Turk Kabak, the buyer and the seller have a gap of 5 million euros. After Totti transformed into an agent, he recruited Chelsea defender Rudiger and first recommended Rudiger to his home team Roma. Roma felt that it was too expensive to give up (in 2017, 35 million + 4 million bonuses joined Chelsea). Totti called Maldini again, mediating in the middle to get the Germans to join Milan, to see the choice of the horse team.

缺九游会平台乏中央后卫的问题尚未解决。与Schalke谈论Turk Kabak时,买卖双方的差额为500万欧元。托蒂(Totti)转变为经纪人后九游会老哥俱乐部,他聘请切尔西后卫鲁迪格(Rudiger),并首先将鲁迪格推荐给他的主场球队罗马。罗马认为放弃太昂贵了(2017年,切尔西获得了3500万+ 400万奖金)。托蒂再次致电马尔蒂尼,在中间进行调解,以使德国人加入米兰,以查看马队的选择。

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